Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Malaysia Trip - Penang Nov (Part II)

Finally, we had arrived Penang, after 6 hours of driving from KL. We were like snails slogging through heavy downpours for most of the journey.
We went straight to Air Itam towards Penang Hill for late lunch, with CY's granny as tour guide of course. ^_^ The temporary stall was located on the road, left hand side.
We had fresh sugarcane juice, without ice. It's so fresh! OMG, how come we couldn't find this kind of juice in SG huh?

For each of us ( 3 in total), one bowl of kwey teow teng (rice noodle in soup) with fish ball. This is just any Penang food you may give a miss when you are in Penang, but you will want to have it when you are in Singapore. In other words, it's not the best in Penang, but at least the best in my SG heartland.

For our dinner, we had traditional steam white chicken with 1 bowl of porridge and Chinese poh piah because we didn't want to stress our stomache. ;) These were just OK.

The poh piah is definitely different from what we have in Singapore because it's served with some sauce. See below?

In the next morning, we had our breakfast in a kopitiam (coffee shop) along Air Itam Road, nothing spectacular too, just Jawa noodle (below) & hor fun (2nd below) & Penang lor mee (3rd below). The serving was a bit small so it's just nice when came to our lunch.

What I would highly recommend is this Restaurant Lasia (along Air Itam Road as well). There is a stall called Ah Keow economy mixed rice stall which only opens for lunch, but strange thing is that it's so-called lunch hours normally operates from 1.30pm - 3pm+ only! If you come with empty stomache, better prepare yourself with some snack because she will not even guarantee her stall to be opened from 1.30pm because Aunty Ah Keow takes her own sweet time to prepare her dishes.

Quality food mah!

This kind of business will not survive if don't have the real skill. Of course Aunty Ah Keow has some. Her dish is really something worth waiting for. So CY's Ah Ma ( granny) was also waiting Ah Keow to serve her (see below). :p

That day, Ah Keow had this special curry. Super yummy but I couldn't eat much due to sore throat! >< Stir-fry salted bean & chili clams, my favourite! I really wished (during that time), nobody would compete their chopstick's speed with me, phew~~ This is R...eally my clams NIRVANA. How nice if I could have that kind of skill.... dream dream dream ~~Grill eggplant with sambal chili & fried onions & garlic, CY's favourite. Nah....Nah...Nah....this is really something different from Ang Moh grill, some Nyonya touch, a bit of Chinese also. that's it.

Its flavour? PERFECT!

Finally, the Chinese roasted pork, what we called Siew Pak. When Aunty Ah Keow was cutting the roast pork, CY could hear the cutting sound from far FAR away! 3 tables away to be exact. Crisp~Crisp!
It's earthy.

Anyway, if you come to Air Itam, you should come here to have a visit. Total damage? RM23.70. However, do note if you order fish or prawn, you should expect the bill to be 50% - 100% more because Aunty Ah Keow really thinks her seafood worth that kind of price. But then again, if the food is nice, I think we can pay slightly more. For Ah Keow's is definitely worth every cent.

Last but not least, the real chef is CY's granny, her more than 60 years of cooking experience is no kidding. She can transform any simple dish into an indulgence anytime. Real chefs don't need spectacular ingredients to make a great meal. Even if it is rice & water, if you cook with your heart, it can be so good that you can eat it plain. Granny's home-made pan-fried bread with curry chicken stuffing which we had on our way to Melaka, made our trip worth-while. :)


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