Thursday, November 6, 2008

Penang Indian Mee Goreng

Penang Indian Fried Mee is one of CY's favourites. Twice a year, we make it a point to go back to Penang to visit his grandparents, whom CY respects the most. They are not only kind to CY, but also kind to me, which I am very grateful. It is all fond memories back there since we married in Penang even till now.

While visiting them, we would go to the nearby stalls to have Ah Keow mixed rice (which is NOT cheap!), Roti Prata (Indian pan cake), Penang Laksa, Penang Prawn Mee, the famous fried Kway Teow at Pulau Tikus market as well as a lot of unknown dishes (to me). These are anything above Singapore's standard hawker food.

Here, we are having our shot at Penang Indian mee goreng (fried noodles), recreating its unique local flavour, much unlike the reddish Singaporean mee goreng. Someone even joked that the Singaporean one looks radioactive! Anyway, we are going all out for the taste of good food.

Ingredients (serves 4)
1) 2 large potatoes, cut into 1 cm cubes
2) 600 g fresh yellow noodles, washed, drained
3) 200 g minced mutton
4) Mutton seasoning
a. 2/3 tsp light soy sauce
b. 2/3 tsp dark soy sauce
c. White pepper
d. ½ tsp sugar
5) 15 shallots, thinly sliced
6) ½ cup olive oil
7) Wok seasoning
a. 1 ½ tbsp dark soy sauce
b. 4 large ground chili
c. 6 tbsp ketchup
d. 3 tbsp water
8) 1 large chili, thinly sliced
9) 150 g sawi (cai sin), cut into 3 cm lengths
10) 150 g bean sprouts
11) 1 lime
12) ½ hand spring onion, chopped


1) Boil potatoes for 10 min in salted water.
2) Marinate mutton in seasoning.
3) Fry shallots in heated oil until crisp & golden. Remove from oil onto paper towel.
4) In remaining oil, fry mutton until aromatic.
5) Add wok seasoning, stir fry well.
6) Add noodles, stir through.
7) Add sawi & sprouts, fry 1 min.
8) Add potatoes & green chilies.
9) Squeeze in lime. Fry until dry.
10) Dish out, serve with spring onions & shallot.

When tucking in, be surprised how fried noodles can taste so full in body even with no egg added. The potatoes & thick sauce do the trick! Try this simple dish yourself. Enjoy :-)


Happy cook said...

Just reading what you guys eat from the stall makes me drool and this noodle dish looks so yumm.
Have bookmarked to make them, i think i will make them with minced chicken.

homeladychef said...

Hi Happycook, I think make them with minced chicken is healthier, so do give it a try & let me know the outcome. :)

Vij said...

I am drooling over here!! yummmy noodle...lovely pics! I am gonna make this for my weekend gtg :-)

homeladychef said...

Hi vij, thanks for dropping by, i think u will love it too. :)

peter said...

looks very nice, I'll give this a try... I only usually make phad thai, so this will make a good alternative

Shari@Whisk: a food blog said...

I want to go and make this right now! It looks fabulous!

homeladychef said...

@ Peter: May be you can teach me how to make phad thai :)

@ Shari: I think with your skill, you can make one that is even better than mine!

Tastes of Home said...

this is a great recipe! i do miss Penang hawker food as well, hope I have time to drop by in Penang when I'm back in Msia hehe

homeladychef said...

ToH: Hmm...miss Malaysia food huh? I am going to Penang in 2 weeks time! Drive all the way there & back. An adventure to me indeed!

Chef E said...

This dish looks yummy, I love asian noodle dishes.

Mansi said...

I love Mee Goreng! we get the best here at Banana Leaf restaurant, but next time, I'm going to try your recipe!:)

btw, you could send this in for my vegetarian thanksgiving recipe event!

homeladychef said...

Hi chef e: This is more towards our culture indeed.

Hi Mansi: Thanks for the invitation, will try to join if time permits. :)

Gayathri said...

I love this, used have this everytime i visit Malay... Great..
I am really happy to invite you to participate in the contest that is getting launced on Feb 20 2009 - check out this link for details - contest.

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