Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Ayam Sioh (Chicken with Tamarind & Coriander Seeds)

Ayam Sioh is a Nyonya style of cooking chicken that is not so famous as compared to Ayam Buah Keluak. It is chicken cooked with mainly tamarind water and coriander seeds. This dish is very appetizing and lovely. Once you have eaten it, you will never forget its taste.

My way of cooking Ayam Sioh is adopted from Nyonya Flavours cook book. This cook book is the result of two years of collaboration between the State Chinese (Penang) Association and Star Publication, of which, some of the recipes inside were handed down from mothers to daughters, through several generations. I reckon that this book has most of the Nyonya recipes than any other Penang Peranakan cook book in the market, some of which have never before been published or featured on the menus of Nyonya restaurants, like this one.
This is really a simple dish where anyone can prepare without a fuss. Recommended to cook this to impress your future in-laws too. However, you must prepare this beforehand to let the flavours infuse into the chicken.


3 tbsp oil
120 g shallot
1 tbsp yellow bean paste
8 drumlets
1 tbsp dark soy sauce
30g toasted coriander seeds, ground
1 tbsp tamarind sauce OR 1 tbsp tamarind pulp strained with 1 cup water
1 cup water
Sugar and salt to taste


Heat oil, sauté shallot till golden brown.
Add bean paste and chicken. Sitr to mix well before adding the dark soy sauce and ground coriander.
Add shallot tamarind water and season to taste with sugar and salt.
Add little water and cook until the gravy is thick and chicken is tender, about 20 mins.

Always taste the sauce while cooking to make sure that the sauce is not over seasoned.
You can also substitute the chicken with duck to make Iteh Sioh.
I didn’t have the time to marinate the chicken overnight, will try to do so next time. But this time round is good enough to make you sing after the first bite, really!


Jo said...

Oh yummy, one of my fav peranakan dishes. I love ayam sioh - in fact I grew up eating itek sioh because my grandmother was peranakan. It just reminds me that I have not had this for ages!

Chef E said...

This sounds divine! Not to mention it looks good. I believe I could make this dish easily...

homeladychef said...

Hi Jo, you are very lucky to have a grandmum who knows how to cook this, in fact no many people know how. :)

Chef E. Yeah, i think you can try this in your restaurant too!

Dora said...

Luckily u din take a macro shot of the chicken. Else i will be salivating now...;p

pigpigscorner said...

oo I can imagine how tasty it is!I watched a few eps of Little Nyonya and have been craving for nyonya food every since. Will definitely give this a try!

tigerfish said...

I tried cooking with Chicken and Tamarind, also Chicken and Coriander but never combine both before! And I said I like peranakan food! :O

Nath said...

It's sound really yummy :)
I have AWARD for you... grab it!
see ya ^^

homeladychef said...

Hi Dora: is your meowmee also salivating ;)

Hi pigpigscorner: I enjoy watching little nyonya too, but skip quite a lot because i cry easily. :P

tigerfish: hehe...i think next time you can try this. :)

Thanks Nath! AWARD is grabbed ;)

Karine said...

It looks great! It would be a good way for me to use the tamarind paste I have in my fridge...

homeladychef said...

Yup Karine! :)

Olivia said...

yummy yum... gonna try this dish soon. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

homeladychef said...

Thanks Olivia. :)

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