Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stir-fried Chinese Lettuce

I can't get enough of stir-fried. Simple and easy. Since we have already washed the wok and kept it within easy reach, why not use it more often? Hehe...:)

We went to the market that day, bought $1 of Chinese lettuce, which normally costs 1000% more during Chinese New Year. So we happily stir-fried the 7-8 bunches of them, filling the entire wok before sweating it down.
Stir-frying. You can see that CY is having some difficulties to turn them, but just for a while.... Keep on stirring and they will quickly be reduced to just a plate of vegetables. That's also the reason why we need a wok because it's easier to stir and can stir-fry more leafy vegetables.

Ingredients: Sliced garlic ( 4 cloves), canola oil (or any other frying oil), 1 kg of Chinese lettuce, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, pepper and 0.5 tsp corn starch mixed with some water.
  1. In a basin filled with water, wash the lettuce thoroughly, leaf by leaf. This vegetable is notorious for grit.
  2. Heat some oil with high heat, fry garlic till slightly brown.
  3. Pour in all lettuce, stir fry.
  4. When all lettuce wither down, turn down the heat, add corn starch mixture, soy sauce and pepper to taste.
Here you go, one more stir-fried vegetables. Can't get enough of it!


adeL said...

ooo..nice stir fry there! and great to stumble upon your webpage brimming with home cooked recipes as I cook a lot at homes too :)
Looking forward to your next recipe already!

homeladychef said...

Thanks AdeL. :)

Fantasy said...

is this vege called 'tang-oh'?

homeladychef said...

Nope, this is real chinese lettuce. Tang-oh is Edible Garland Chrysanthemum, also called Shingiku in Japan and Choy Suy Green in old Chinatown. check out here in details:

Samuel Miller said...

My friend made this last month when I visited him and this dish is very tasty. I would like to create this one and serve this to my family. I'm sure they will like this tasty food.

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