Friday, October 9, 2009

Braised Pork Ribs (卤小排)

Today’s menu is braised porb ribs (卤小排). Notice that the photo is getting bigger now? Aha! I have just realised how to upload photo through flikr. My goodness, it’s so easy and yet, I didn’t know about it.

Nevermind, late better than never.

Today I followed my mood, put in ingredients and amount according to my Agar-logy aka anyhow. I need to clear some of my spices anyway. CY graded it to be NICE. But…. It could be better if it was cooked over a longer period, more than 2 hours if possible. All right! Next time I will.

2 star anise & 1 cinnamon stick
some dark soy sauce
some rock sugar
some Shao Xing wine
some salt
some soy sauce
some ribs
some water

Just pour everything inside, fill with water until cover the ribs, simmer over low heat till sauce thicken, about 3 hours.

Point to note:
I should have simmered it under ultra-low heat because the ribs seem to be a bit hard. Also, may be one or two spring onion (just the white part) to enhance its flavour?


Chef E said...

Oh My My My...I want some of this...your stuff is always so good...

The Little Teochew said...

You have a beautiful blog, filled with lovely photos, and mouthwatering recipes. But the one thing that really stood out for me were the last 2 lines at the end of your page. I thought that was really very sweet :)

Food For Tots said...

I luv your new blog layout. It looks more standout with bigger photo and wider column. I think your Agar-logy should be "ada logic". The end results always look perfect to me. Well done!

pigpigscorner said...

This looks so good! Someone told me about the flickr too. Before that I uploaded my pictures straight and they didn't look as sharp. Apparently blogger reduces the resolution of your pix.

homeladychef said...

Chef E, supportive as always!

TLT: Good to have you here!

Foodfortots: Ada Logic! What a nice phrase created! Haha... lighten up my day! ;)

Pigpigscorner: obviously they still don't want our blogs to look nicer. without much helps, may be i should 'migrate' to somewhere else soon....

Bits of Taste said...

This dish is simple and delicious! Love it! There is a lot of great recipes here too.

homeladychef said...

Thanks, nice to see you here!

3 hungry tummies said...

I love everything 鹵 !thanks for the recipe

homeladychef said...

3 hungry tummies: Thanks for dropping by. :)

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