Thursday, November 5, 2009

Braised Chicken with Shitake Mushrooms

In the past few days, CY was not at home. He had gone for reservist. For those who are Singaporean, you know what I mean. For those who are not, reservist basically means army reservist, whereby Singaporean young men are required by law, to go back for retraining several times before they reach their 40s, or when they hit their retraining quotas.

So I am left all alone at home, doing nothing most of the time, except going to work or house cleaning (that’s quite a lot to do!). Kind of not get used to it (with CY not around), I must find myself something to work on. So today, I cook this braised chicken with shitake mushrooms since there are still some chicken wings left in the freezer.

Sometimes, I will decide my meal by what is being left in the kitchen. So I improvise a little, to make use of some last bits of wolfberries and ginger. I come up with this simple dish, enough for 3, with ideas from pigpigscorner.
Serve 3

12 chicken wings
12 Shitake dry mushrooms – soaked, reserve the mushroom water, abt 2 cups
0.5 tbs Dark soya sauce
2 tbs Light soya sauce
4 tbs of Chinese wine (Shao Xing)
A few dash of five spice powder
Some dash of white pepper
3 stalks spring onion, white parts only
1 tbs wolfberries
15 slices thinly-sliced ginger
Corn starch water to thicken sauce

  1. Marinate chicken with light soya sauce, five spice powder & white pepper
  2. Fry ginger till brown to get rid of its spiciness
  3. Fry mushroom and then the chicken wings
  4. Add mushroom water, dark soya sauce and wine to cover all ingredients, and simmer for 20 mins, covered
  5. Uncovered, put spring onions inside. Stir to mix, thicken sauce with corn starch water
  6. Stir in wolfberries, cook till sauce thickens


tigerfish said...

Love this dish...need to wipe out the gravy till the last drop ;p

pigpigscorner said...

Looks amazing!! I can have the whole pot of rice with this!

Peanutts said...

Hello this is my first time here :). I love dried shitake mushrooms :) Your recipe looks very simple althought have never cooked or eaten wolfberries

homeladychef said...

tigerfish: with a bowl of rice?

pigpigscorner: yup!

Peanutts: Thanks for dropping by, i hope you can try wolfberries and let me know whether you like it. ;)

Tastes of Home said...

oh no! I shldnt have came over here before eating LOL

looks YUMMY!

noobcook said...

U're eating so well for one person. This is yummy. More rice for me :)

homeladychef said...

Taste of Home: Thanks for visiting, no time no see!

noobcook: Hehe...I am cooking for 3 pax actually, 2 for myself (lunch & dinner), one for my staff. :)

Karine said...

Great way to enjoy chicken! Thanks for sharing:)

Chef E said...

Oh my gosh this looks fantastic! Those close up shots are making me so hungry and it is late!

Chef E said...

Oh my gosh this looks fantastic! Those close up shots are making me so hungry and it is late!

yours deliciously said...

Love this dish with rice..slurp!!

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