Thursday, November 19, 2009

Soy Sauce Duck (Lor Ark) - Using Pressure Cooker

I wonder if I am getting old, mentally. I was in the era of believing pressure cooker is, DANGEROUS, just a week ago.

However, I was somehow converted into pressure cooker believer. Imagine to cook one whole duck in 20 minutes. The entire preparation plus cooking time was reduced from 3.5 hours to just 30 minutes, excluding the marinating time.

This is how technology changes our lives. We bought this pressure cooker from Takashimaya for $299 (Original Price was $429), I thought it was an impulsive purchase but CY said it's worth it as we saw how it was being used in the Iron Chef TV series. Okay fine, so we bought it.

After 25 minutes into cooking in the kitchen echoed with hissing sounds (from the pressure cooker), I told him that from my experience, I was unsure if the duck was done.

The result was simply amazing, the meat was tenderised and full of flavours. Duck fat was released from the meat and I could scope them all out, leaving just sauce to pour onto our rice.

Now I am converted. Are you?
Serve 4 (for me, serve 3 because I want to have 2 portions of it)

2 kg of 1 whole duck
25g garlic, 25 g onions, 25 g ginger, 25g blug ginger/ gelangal
1 pc star anise
2 cinnamon sticks

2.5 tbs dark soy sauce
2.5 tbs grade A soy sauce
2 tbs sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup water


Using fork, poke the duck skin thoroughly, marinate with seasoning for 30 minutes. Heat pressure cooker with cooking oil, fry garlic, onions, ginger, blue ginger, star anise and cinnamon.

Then pour in seasoning, add a cup of water and stir evenly. Put duck inside and cover with lid.

Pressure cooking time is 20 minutes.

If you don't have a pressure cooker, the traditional method still works, just that it will take 3 hours to tenderise the meat, more water is needed too.

Some adjustments in this recipe is Lor Ark Version II.
Look at the meat, can you believe that it only takes 20 minutes to get to this tenderness?


Joy said...

Best Wishes from another pressure cooker lover!

Angie's Recipes said...

I love pressure cooking! It's fast, healthy and delicious! Your soya sauce duck looks very good!

homeladychef said...

Joy: Thanks!

Angie: Just discovered it not too long ago. Glad that I found it now than never. :)

Dodol & Mochi said...

Looks good! Thanks for sharing the tips yea?

I actually love pressure cooking ... Healthy and energy-efficient ... Achieves just what I want in the end products!


pigpigscorner said...

I love my pressure cooker too! I think it's my best investment so far.

Chef E said...

I do not pull my pressure cooker out as often, but I should, because I know my grandmother did when she made chicken, and other dishes that normally take hours!

Love the duck idea, so I will be making this soon...

homeladychef said...

Hi Dodol, Ya, I agree, also, it's easy to use. :)

Pigpigscorner: Wish to see ore of your recipes using pressure cooker too!

Chef E: It's a traditional dish that Chinese normally eat. I'm looking around to see if i have time for third round of this recipe, hehe... can't get enough of it.

Mike H said...

I am thinking of buying a pressure cooker too. Did you buy a 6 litre pressure cooker or a 8 litre pressure cooker to make the soy sauce duck? What is the brand of your pressure cooker? Is it good? Thanks!

homeladychef said...

Hi Mike,

I bought the biggest pot available, which is 12L, Tefal Clipso. in that way, i can cook less but definitely can cook more if needed to.

Amphora said...

Do you think that his recipe can be used on other pressure cookers? I have a Scanpan PC. I always had the impression that pressure cookers can only cooks food with lots of liquids like soups or stews. I do not know that we can cook a dish like Lor Ark with pressure cooker, as Lor Ark does not really have lots liquid, and it also needs to be cooked without the cover for some time, to dry out the gravy. Thanks in advance for your advise.

homeladychef said...

Amphora: I think all pressure cookers require some liquid in cooking but not necessary be soups or stews. Like mine, it comes with a recipe books, some recipes do not really require a lot of liquid, such as Lor Ark. So I guess it is the same as scanpan, i suggest that if you are in doubt, you can put in more water and reduce it in the end to get the required result. Hope this helps. :)

Amphora said...

Thanks so much - i will certaingly try making the lor ark in my scanpan :)

homeladychef said...

Try already and let me know whether you like it ok? :)

Daniel Smedegaard Buus said...

The pressure cooker changed my kitchen completely. Since I got it, I've never used store-bought stock, or those bouillon cubes that can be used instead of stock. I get the most tender meat imaginable, and throwing back all the bones and "garbage" fat, skin etc. will leave you with an amazing stock that can be frozen and used for awesome sauces and soups later :)

homeladychef said...

Ya, that's a good idea for use leftover meat and fat! I will start to do it when i have some leftover. Thanks! Merry Christmas!!

anton norbert said...

Gosh, I am so late to the conversation. I tried the recipe in my pressure cooker y'day and it worked like a charm.
Many Thanks.

homeladychef said...

Later than never :)

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