Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Porridge for dinner

I have ulcer, a super big and painful ulcer now. (oucchh…!) I can’t eat anything that is hard to bite, not even normal soft bread. My ulcer has made me feel pain in my mouth and neck too. I start having this ulcer since Saturday but it is getting worse because on Sunday night, I ate BBQ chicken, spicy stir-fried clams, a truly good lesson for me.

So I have been eating soft food these few days. Tonight, if nothing turns well and I am still getting the ulcer, I will seek for professional help the next morning.

Okay, enough for my ulcer speech.

I want to introduce you what we eat for dinner today. We normally have lots of vegetables, some or no meat and dessert. Since I am still having this ulcer sticks inside my mouth, I want to get rid of it with some garlic. We will have lots of garlic! All of these garlics will go inside my wok!

Then, I will just do a simple stir-fry, with greens of course. The rest are just normal stuffs like marmite, pork floss and fermented bean curd.

Our dinner is not complete without fruit juice. We have fruit juice every day. Yes and these fruits will go into this to make juice. So tonight, we have 3 apples, 2 oranges and celery; it is super quenching and sweet!

Then of course, a dinner is not complete without dessert, we normally have ice-cream, or peanut (not this week) or just anything. Ben & Jerry ice-cream is great, especially this one with some liquor (liqueur), a grown-up ice-cream, not suitable for children.


Cynthia said...

oh dear, hope you get better soon...

homeladychef said...

Hi Cynthia!

Thanks for your concern, I hope I will get better soon! I just went to see doctor and the doctor said: " Wow, you have such a big ulcer." That's really making me feel awkward. Hmm... thanks, doctor.

Anyway, I still have to do a lot of talking today and tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow so I do need this done real soon.

Thanks for following my blog, dear! Your look assembles one of my pretty friends, or are you?? :p

Cynthia said...

lol, pretty sure I don't know you unless you have lived in New Zealand before....
Doctors has a way of making you feel awkward, hahahahaha.

Hersheys said...

When I have big painful ulcers... I'll use 西瓜霜... think that's how it's written.

It'll sting the first time you put the powder on the ulcer... and the ulcers usually clear within 3 days.

Warning: It really stings!

homeladychef said...

@ Cynthia: really? I didn't know that, is the doctor there really weird? I am thinking of migrating over there just last week. haha...

@ Hersheys: you have a special yummy name here! I tried 西瓜霜 too but it fails so i am currently on medication, can't imagine myself actually eating antibiotic because of ulcer, what a joke! ><

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